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  • https://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk
    Submitted by: why not buy some :-)

  • https://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk
    Submitted by: why not buy some :-)

  • https://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk
    Submitted by: why not buy some :-)

  • https://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk
    Submitted by: why not buy some :-)

  • https://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk
    Submitted by: why not buy some :-)

  • https://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk
    Submitted by: why not buy some :-)

  • just coming back to this site to re live some quality memories
    Submitted by: akarin

  • no bots for a while.
    Submitted by:

  • .
    Submitted by: .

  • The bots came back, lets see if this will stop them.
    Submitted by: Twats

  • well it seems for the time being, i stopped the bots from posting
    Submitted by: lets see how long for ?????

  • bots are doing my crust in
    Submitted by:

  • Trying to Kill Bots
    Submitted by: Go away spammers, no one wants you here.

  • Well darn it, I plumb forgotten about this site.
    Submitted by: CableTies R Us

  • laying siege upon the cities of thine enemies
    Submitted by: dick butt

  • You can't get a cable tie pregnant trust me ive tried
    Submitted by: dank memerinos

  • life is like a cable tie: sometimes it is green and crunchy, other times mom wish you were never born
    Submitted by: dank memerinos

  • a cable tie is beautiful but you are not
    Submitted by: dank memerinos

  • life is like a cable tie: Sometimes it is white and secure, other times dad stabs the cat with a knife because his sports team lost again
    Submitted by: dank memerinos

  • gouging out the eyes of home invaders
    Submitted by: alonso sanchez

  • to train hunter
    Submitted by: gingbino

  • To build a purple lighthouse with a verac flail, magic fang and SMOrc glue.
    Submitted by: Ags_me_73

  • SRWjrwKuBFlp
    Submitted by: http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5iNG.com

  • esoteric sex toy
    Submitted by: mangle

  • eating them
    Submitted by: YOUR MOMA

  • eating them
    Submitted by: YOUR MOMA

  • to cockslap gingbino in the face
    Submitted by: Matto

  • To rape gingbino
    Submitted by: Trickool

  • To Force other to play Xoxo
    Submitted by: walter

  • To rape others
    Submitted by: Kareena

  • Slapping other's Butt
    Submitted by: Snow day

  • Kidnapping
    Submitted by:

  • tieing up my anushole
    Submitted by: cockface

  • as a cockring
    Submitted by: Babar

  • hold a ski pass on a jacket
    Submitted by: tatum

  • music instrument ;D
    Submitted by: Elllie

  • music instrument ;D
    Submitted by: Elllie

  • music instrument ;D
    Submitted by: Elllie

  • Auto erotic asyphixiation
    Submitted by: Brody Askins

  • tie up the cables?
    Submitted by: Andy

  • nash grier
    Submitted by: ur mum

  • tying someone up andd raping them
    Submitted by: bae

  • choking someone
    Submitted by: jessica simpson

  • skipping ropes
    Submitted by: alicia ashworth

  • kk
    Submitted by: oo

  • protection from rapists
    Submitted by: Tom Hodgson

  • stopping blood flow to your penis
    Submitted by: Miles Wilson

  • tying on a condom
    Submitted by:

  • tying up yor brother
    Submitted by: mack

  • attaching hub caps
    Submitted by: Marion

  • typing hands together
    Submitted by: maya

  • Use it to kill a gnome.
    Submitted by: Korpan

  • hanging bottles
    Submitted by: anonymous

  • tie your little sister to a hook
    Submitted by: anonymous

  • attaching some on to their chair while sitting by putting the cable through a belt buckle and the holes in the back of a chair
    Submitted by: murder is legal. getting caught however....

  • your mam's ass
    Submitted by: yolo

  • derping
    Submitted by: :)

  • I use these cable ties when I need something sturdy to masturbate with when I run out of fine-grain sandpaper. It works wonders! 3
    Submitted by: Big Ben

  • Restraining Your Murder Victims
    Submitted by:

  • MY Dick
    Submitted by: Dick

  • hold wire
    Submitted by: nick

  • In case you never want to see your sibling again
    Submitted by: Jane

  • fuck all
    Submitted by: no

  • Tie a bunch of cable ties together a hang them up to make some kinda bunting.
    Submitted by: YO FACE

    Submitted by: VAO SE FODEREM

  • gb
    Submitted by: hj

  • Tie my penis til it tears.
    Submitted by: Asshurtie

  • Has anyone actually considered tying bunches of cables together.
    Submitted by: Mr Obvious

  • Push one up Mr Johnsons rectum, see how he likes it
    Submitted by: aaaahhhhhhhh

  • To tie crimp terminals together
    Submitted by: www.crimpterminals.co.uk

  • podcasting
    Submitted by: dundeecommunitypodcast@gmail.com

  • www.hosemender.co.uk
    Submitted by: A new site for Hose Menders, Push Fits and Brass Couplings.

  • www.crimpterminals.co.uk
    Submitted by: mr crimp terminal

  • www.hilltop-products.co.uk - Any Colour, Any Logo Printed!!
    Submitted by: Cable tie Man

  • CMS Consumables is a great place to get these. They sell thousands!
    Submitted by: CMS Consumables Frined

  • fixing your bike lock
    Submitted by: Gidius

  • tieing
    Submitted by: dev

  • ct
    Submitted by:

  • Nylon Cable Tie the ball pocket on your mates golf bag
    Submitted by: Tony Tie


  • keeping your socks up
    Submitted by: danny rennett

  • Cables that need tieing
    Submitted by: Your name

  • Tieing cables
    Submitted by: Your Name

  • securing
    Submitted by: Rock Stone

  • I like it, Wookie Monster
    Submitted by:

  • I saw this and thought of you http://www.techrepublic.com/photos/what-to-carry-in-your-sysadmin-toolkit/6337527?seq=12&tag=content;siu-container#photo-frame
    Submitted by: That Bloke That Snores Like a Wookie

  • Tightening the ol' vagina up after it's been worn out and flaps in the wind from one too many "nights on the town"
    Submitted by: Pross Tittoot

  • i prefer jam today
    Submitted by:

  • I like mine with cheese
    Submitted by: cheesy tie eater

  • Rat execution : Loop a cable tie then place the cable tie around the rats neck and pull and dont stop untill mr rat is dead
    Submitted by:

  • a cable tie per day, keeps the insulation tape man away
    Submitted by:

  • a cable tie per day, keeps the blue tack man away
    Submitted by:

  • a cable tie per day, keeps the gaffer tape man away
    Submitted by:

  • a cable tie per day, keeps the selotape man away.
    Submitted by:

  • I find them particularly useful for looosening the stools just before the prunes take effect. Personally a medium one inserted up the anus and moved back and forth vigorousley works a treat.
    Submitted by: Const. I. Pated (retired)

  • http://www.cabletiesonline.co.uk is an awesome place to get cable ties in all different colours :D
    Submitted by: CableTies-Online

  • Wished I brought one on this diving holiday, I could take a photo under water.
    Submitted by: Padi ( no I've not thrown one, I am a qualified one) diver

  • Keeping stage wires/leads together. Looks nice, neat and tidy.
    Submitted by: Matt Johnson

  • Hold your hub caps on during those drunken kerb clashes. Pick the right colour though. You don't want to look stupid.
    Submitted by: SteveK

  • use different coloured one to decorate your scrotal sack for your first date.
    Submitted by: S.Crotum

  • Great for tieing cable ties together
    Submitted by: Another one

  • use them to organise the wiring in the back box of a light switch
    Submitted by: Shane

  • i dunno
    Submitted by: hahahah

  • replacement shower curtain rings
    Submitted by: hmmhmm

  • holding water.. rubbish.. everyone knows that wire is better for holding water.
    Submitted by: viola2573

  • holding water
    Submitted by: viola2572

  • Staking tomato plants
    Submitted by: Ben

  • cock ring
    Submitted by: lol be careful

  • http://www.buyviagra.me
    Submitted by: http://www.buyviagra.me

  • your mom?
    Submitted by: clayton

  • What a fine waste of a good Thursday. They only come around once per week, and I'm stuck here at work.
    Submitted by: Mr Fixit

  • If you fasten 100 cable ties togther with a cable tie. Is this called a cable tie tie
    Submitted by: Spud Face, klinker nut

  • a hair bobble
    Submitted by:

  • Has anyone considered tying cables with them
    Submitted by: bleedin obvious really

  • Pikey wedding ring
    Submitted by: I hate pikeys

  • I onve used one as an arab strap, which was OK, until I came to snip it off. Doh
    Submitted by: Homer Simpson

  • Don't try eating soup with one, as they don't work
    Submitted by: Soup-a-mug

  • in place of a belt loop
    Submitted by: Gareth

  • to cable tie a weight to the end of your cock to try n make ur 1 inch cock near normal size
    Submitted by: who gives a f

  • Use a Zip Tie in every other hole to hold gaskets in place while changing gaskets on transmission or oil pan
    Submitted by: e speaker

  • Poke one up your ringer, when you are watching a sad film with the little woman. You can tell her that its the cabletie thats making your eyes water
    Submitted by: Who the fuck is Mr Boombastic

  • If only my friends would visit
    Submitted by: lonely cable tie

  • They don't make right good jams or pickles
    Submitted by:

  • oops. done an update and wiped some uses. sorry folks. If you happen to come back this way, you could always re-add them
    Submitted by: The Owner

  • Alternator tensioner broken, use cableties and after 1000km just a simple pull to retension ! Btw my car is a turbo charged 200sx
    Submitted by: Mr Dodgy

  • http://www.beal.org.uk sell 1000's of these
    Submitted by: Beal Employee of the Year

  • Fastening your finger back on temporarily after that freak table saw incident
    Submitted by: Jonny Table Saw

  • If I could describe cable ties in one word it would be...... Cabltietastic
    Submitted by: Smeeeeee

  • Tie my bird up, and ensure a night of pleasure
    Submitted by: The Cabletie King

  • shoes
    Submitted by: char

  • mmmmmmmmm
    Submitted by:

  • Poking Poo Poo
    Submitted by:

  • making me piss myself with laughter still after 4 years of posting insults to eah other!!!
    Submitted by: pip, ex cable tie obsessive

  • Untidy wires? Back of your TV and PC and under your bonnet look like a snake's nest? WE HAVE THE ANSWER!
    Submitted by: Gregory Noakz

  • Shoving them through your ears until you are able to think of anything but penis jokes and flame wars.
    Submitted by: Gregory Noakz

  • Getting beef out of your teeth after a nice big curry
    Submitted by: V

  • Musical Instrument: Cut any size cable tie in half. Mic it close. Insert the cutoff end into the ratchet end and pull through. Sample it. Try pulling it through at different speeds to acheive different sounds. Also try adding any number of effects-- reverb, reverse gated reverb, compression, EQ. Put a large number of samples together from various sizes of cable ties, mix together in a multitrack editor, and you have a Cable Tie Chorus... your results may vary!
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • Attatch three or four of these together (depending on length) and you have yourself a fine garrotte. Any attempt to escape will render the victim unconscious in minutes!
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • Broken Keychain? No Problem! Durable AND disposable. Easily replaced for less than one cent. Free to those who work in electromechanical assembly.
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • Make a statement with these colorful bracelets. Available in a variety of colors to accessorize your lifestyle. Comes complete with a list of desparaging comebacks to the snyde remarks these will attract.
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • Use the pointed end to clean under your fingernails.
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • Engagement ring for Rednecks, Gypsies, and the homeless. One Size Fits All. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Black.
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • Tie two belt loops together on either side of pants. Instant belt.
    Submitted by: TechnoGeek

  • mixed with pretzels, makes a fine snack mix
    Submitted by: Gonzo

  • RC cars
    Submitted by: Dub

  • Strap Pauly B and the main star of Midget Mania II together with gaffer tape, then shove an 8 inch cable tie up his bum hole and watch his eyes fookin water
    Submitted by: Tony H

  • Tie canes and cordons in vineyards
    Submitted by: Frederick Vaske

    Submitted by: BAZZA, B.T. ELECTRICAL

    Submitted by: DEANO FROM PORKSHIRE

    Submitted by: A;ex

  • Tying round your cock when your arab strap is broken and you need to maintain a hard on for that special lady
    Submitted by: Philip Dixon esq

  • strapping 2 cats together
    Submitted by: bad lad

  • poking stray nasal hairs back in place
    Submitted by: A R Sole

  • measuirng the mean time to repair and project length and bodging together bits of UlTRA to make it work and selling it as ANALytics.
    Submitted by: Ken Porter

  • Strapping up clowns pockets to give extra purchase on the old chap
    Submitted by: Mudstick Muskateer

  • I once smuggled 28,000 cableties into NYC state pen on the back of a herd of carrier pidgeons. I then devised a cunning plan, where I constructed a life size model of myself, which gave the impression I was sleeping in my bunk. While the unsuspecting guard was doing his rounds, I snook out and rubbed by boogers on his sandwiches. Little did he understand why I was giggling like a little schoolgirl.... The next day I collected all the pidgeon poop and piled it up against the bars of the cell, where the acid eroded the bars away and I made my escape. I now live on a tropical figean island sipping pina colada's singing prison songs.  I never did get my cableties back. oh the fun we have
    Submitted by: The Bird man of Alcatraz

  • Who mentioned moustaches!
    Submitted by: Peter Canavan

  • I like to cable tie a pair of Fox's Vienesse Whirls to my gonads, smother my chap in a creamy custard mix (1 part cream two parts custard), swirl a light moustaching of chocolate sauce over the top and then add some cherries (to be honest I've usually come before I get the cherries on).
    Submitted by: Mr Chetney Flange Felcher

  • Tom Payne is Famous. Do a Google for Tom Payne Cabletie.
    Submitted by: I love Tom Payne, despite his Juggy Ears, and homosexual tendencies....................... Tom Paynes mum.

  • Tying up the sacks in which I've stashed all of the cash I stole from Comverse/Verint
    Submitted by: Kobi Alexander

  • Clearing out Ear Wax, far better than Buds...
    Submitted by: Bernardo Hardo Woodster

  • Another use that has been perfected by M.G is using a number of cableties to mend the 4 holes on his ass after an un-fortunate accident with a fork whilst camping many moons ago! tart!!
    Submitted by: Superman

  • 90 days
    Submitted by: Ken Porter

  • I wonder how long this new bloke will last
    Submitted by: A discruntled Verint employee

  • P.D of York takes his up the old Gary Glitter. Alegedy he's been known to partake in a little of the old uphill gardening. Someone once said that he shat sp*nk, but I'm not so sure.... he usually takes that from the other end, so has had time to digest it.
    Submitted by: Looking Forward to the 29th...

  • Tie Phil Dixon up and let a certain buxom blonde punish him for his sick thoughts!
    Submitted by: Phil Dixon

  • M.G is Gay. Mikes got brewers droop he gets intimidated by the dirty cableties They love abit of it .Who's that cabletie lord marching...You should cut down on your cableties mate
    Submitted by: All the people, So many People

  • My butcher does a fine line in cabletie mince. His speciality, is rack of lamb served up with a nice good old english, onion and cabletie gravy.
    Submitted by: Dont forget the mustard

  • or better still, haddock. Haddock has a lovely way of disguising t he flavour of cableties. Drizzle on a small amount of extra virgin olive oil for that athentic mediterranean feel. just like you get in the local italian deli
    Submitted by: Salty Seaman

  • why not nip down to the local fisk mongery and slip a few 6 inch ties into the unsuspecting cod fish.
    Submitted by:

  • cableties r good
    Submitted by: dad

  • farter bumhole
    Submitted by: farter bumhole

  • the return of farter bumhole
    Submitted by: farter bumhole

  • cable ties r crap
    Submitted by: jami

  • for old times sake.... snithys head is huge, pips lanky, george is an immigrant, baldwin is fat, gay and HUNGRY, tom payne is a jugeard homo, Bettany is boring, and chin has the worst stories ever, anything else before we all go our seperate ways??
    Submitted by: TTC

  • gagging hostages
    Submitted by: terrorist # 1

  • hey george, wot wud u rather be, a PIDGEON or a RAT
    Submitted by: ?

  • rename the website www.onlypostifyougotoTTC.com
    Submitted by: phil stallard

  • flicking a hockey ball with it, the length of a football pitch and the height of the sports hall. Honestly it rlly happend, i watched him do it by scoring the record javelin foot throw of 23miles, with no foot!
    Submitted by: hhmmmm, sounds like another classic

  • o and that USA twat can go and rim himself back to 2 the middle east and fuck a oil well and keep the war on terror going 4 good all bush!
    Submitted by: u twat

  • hello my fellow ttc rippers! find below a few myths of masturbation!
    Submitted by: the short one!

  • Men who masturbate frequently will run out of semen.
    Submitted by: take heed boys

  • Masturbation leads to homosexual activity
    Submitted by: read this

  • People who masturbate make arousal by other stimuli difficult.
    Submitted by: ttc ict crew

  • Only teenagers masturbate.
    Submitted by: a ttc wanker

  • STD or AIDS can be transmitted from masturbation
    Submitted by: wanker

  • The penis can rot and fall off from masturbation.
    Submitted by: a wanker

  • to cable tie a weight to the end of your cock to try n make ur 1 inch cock near normal size
    Submitted by: tom payne

    Submitted by: pip and george in honour of the funniest thing on this site which got deleted.

  • wot cock keeps doing 1 2 3
    Submitted by:

  • to coat the cable ties in peanut butter and strap them to every tooth in georges little immigrant of a mouth! piss off back to your own county u conch
    Submitted by: smearvid quiff

  • Fuck the uses. Memories of ICT in yr 10 n 11 eh! I am nearly crying. Well neways, firstly to pin toms ears back (they aint shrunk), 2ndly to tie pips hair back, 3rdly to tie smeervid quiff to the floor so we can all fart on his grammer school face!
    Submitted by:

  • piss off jesus
    Submitted by: saten

  • ttc ripping was invented by a group of ladz ripping eachother on this site, we found it so stay the fuk away u purple headed warriors
    Submitted by: ttc ripper

  • Repairing your wheel barrow, after a long hard day's extreme wheel barrow session
    Submitted by: SpangleChops

  • hey buttholes: i hate your pips and arses--why the fuck won't u step up?? and please tell me what TTC ripping is--maybe i'll quit posting if u let me know
    Submitted by: jesus

  • pips n arse.. your mum is stuck in me bum, you bleeding pie eater.
    Submitted by: a british kid

  • brittish kids talk funny.
    Submitted by: an AMERICAN kid

  • get naked. put a cable tie up your butt. go to the mall. sing "banjo on my knee" at the top of your lungs in the parking lot. wait. do it again. wait. do it a third time. get arrested. go to jail. take the cable tie out of you butt. place it between the jail bars. use it as a slingshot to fling your own poo at the guards. laugh hysterically. yay.
    Submitted by: hahahahahahahahahahah

  • get naked. put a cable tie up your butt. go to the mall. sing "banjo on my knee" at the top of your lungs in the parking lot. wait. do it again. wait. do it a third time. get arrested. go to jail. take the cable tie out of you butt. place it between the jail bars. use it as a slingshot to fling your own poo at the guards. laugh hysterically. yay.
    Submitted by: hahahahahahahahahahah

  • what the hell is "TTC Ripping", my friend wants to know
    Submitted by: a concerned parent...

  • oh, did anybody mention you can put it on your penis?
    Submitted by: now i did, just in case it was overlooked as a great use for a cable tie.

  • PART TWO: THE SAGA CONTINUES then the guy danced in the street and was teh gay.
    Submitted by:

  • once upon a time, there was this guy who decided to make a website about cable ties, in which he thought it would be a great idea to give the individuals coming to visit the site free reign over what content shows on the only page... he was very smart but still got very mad about penis jokes, because penis jokes and cable ties don't have very much in common... he was very sad at all the sad ppl, and very mad with his cheesy cock waving around in the air, with 3 cable ties strapping it down... then one day he decided that maybe it was a pretty dumb idea to make this site, but by then it was too late, he was too commited, and is cheesy penis was too tied down to be very useful for much... the end.
    Submitted by: a blogger.

  • and a sperm whale's penis is over 30 feet long and swims around in the water like a giant eel. mmmmm. whale sex.
    Submitted by: a sperm whale, with several hundred cable ties.

  • lizards have two penises, i bet you didn't know that....
    Submitted by: a lizard with TWO cable ties.

  • wasting bandwidth
    Submitted by: an annoyed internet surfer...

  • for tying cables...
    Submitted by: the cable tuy

  • as a prince albert....
    Submitted by: prince albert.

  • making paper airplanes.
    Submitted by: tom payne

  • for pooping, silly.
    Submitted by: i meant TTC, not TTE

  • i meant, "securing your penis when it is wanting to STRAY"
    Submitted by: this ip# is stolen

  • securing your penis when it is wanting to stay...
    Submitted by: a dumb bunny.

  • why is there a pull down for "uses" when it's the only option? huh huh. penis.
    Submitted by: TTE

  • tying it around tom paynes penis... huh huh...
    Submitted by: cock boy.

  • tying it around your penis. huh- huh huh...
    Submitted by: penis boy loves tom payne...

  • Securing Exhaust Pipes
    Submitted by: Jon on behalf of Lynsey

  • y the hell do u sad ppl keep suggesting sad uses and think that tying it round a penis is funny? This is TTC's ripping site so get lost b4 TOM PAYNE rams u up the arse with his cheesy cock
    Submitted by: TTC

  • binding bodies.
    Submitted by: somebody.

  • a great deal more farty than you would ever guess. in fact, the work of farter bumhole...
    Submitted by: farter bumhole

  • Steve got a U in general studies, he still beat Taz
    Submitted by: the bear

  • and he confused penicillin with insulin
    Submitted by:

  • and he cnt spell UNI
    Submitted by:

  • Taz is here, but doens't undastand the jokes
    Submitted by:

  • Binding Rammstein's Flake Lorenz to a clothes hanger so that he can be easily stored in my walk-in closet, wrinkle free, and ready for use. *purr*
    Submitted by: Cyndiana

    Submitted by:

  • yeh up the arse
    Submitted by:

  • tom payne likes cock
    Submitted by: um

  • i did this on my pda. cool
    Submitted by: not telling

  • Use to measure your penis
    Submitted by: A and S

  • Put on your penis to prevent early ''cumming''
    Submitted by: Pieter

  • You Can Use Them For Tying Your Ex-Wife Up & Cumming All over Her Face & Then Beating Her Into A Pulp!
    Submitted by: Wifey

  • Penis Dance
    Submitted by: Dude

  • u sad bastards this site is 4 TTC ripping not for 'funny' uses.....sad gays
    Submitted by: harry sanderson

  • garter for your wife/girlfriend/significant others stockings
    Submitted by: threerandot

  • cockring
    Submitted by: threerandot

  • tie it around your finger as a reminder of something you do not want to forget
    Submitted by: threerandot

  • nut allergies are not funny, they prevent people from buying my products
    Submitted by: MR KP

  • WAIT!!! Tie his lips 2 the floor and giv him da knife in the burning shed
    Submitted by:

  • To tie him down in a burning shed with ony a blunt knife covered in peanut better
    Submitted by:

  • To tie the grek in a small room 4 months on end with only peanuts and peanut juice at his side. Lets c how he gts owt of dat 1
    Submitted by: MR Peanut

  • sam bettany is a murderer
    Submitted by: ???

  • Славься Отечество
    Submitted by: Ленин

    Submitted by: ????????????????????????????????????????????

  • tits!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Submitted by: faff

  • i once new this guy who fell down the grand canyon but luckily he was able to survive because he is the worlds strongest man and held on to a samall leaf dangling of as rock this guy is my best m8 and once represented chillie in the extrteme ironing championships, but he was ill so i took his place and won but i gt disqualified cos i ironed my penis to my arse
    Submitted by: chin

  • one day, my m8 threw a cabletie over the london eye, however it got stuck so he literally jumped and picked it off. he fell in the thames but swam to safety
    Submitted by: Mr Chinnery

  • h.sanderson has officailly nva smiled..its tru....he has NEVER even been happy
    Submitted by: hav u harry

    Submitted by: THE MYSTERY FELTHER

  • nice ears TOM PAYNE
    Submitted by: sbettany

  • s.bettany gts rogered up the arse frequently by his dog who holds the world record 4 the cheesiest and most infected penis
    Submitted by: sams dogs best m8 fred

  • Who rote that
    Submitted by:

  • 4 pinning open georges passport 2 proove 2 him and every1 else dat he is illegal
    Submitted by: immigration officer

  • hosey rarrison and robyn r the new aditions
    Submitted by:

  • tie up tomato plants
    Submitted by: nunya

  • Use a Zip Tie in every other hole to hold gaskets in place while changing gaskets on transmission or oil pan
    Submitted by: Edward Speaker

  • suffocating your neighbor's daughter so you can fuck the shit out of her
    Submitted by:

  • pulling teeth
    Submitted by: the dentist

  • tieing stuff together?
    Submitted by: hobo

  • I fucked your fat mum
    Submitted by:

  • Killing pets
    Submitted by: FourDee

  • /clear
    Submitted by: /clear

    Submitted by: JACK JONES WEST

    Submitted by:

  • SEX
    Submitted by: AHHH

  • r5ahhhhhhhhhhhhjhhjhhhh
    Submitted by: dg\gghdh

  • Cable ties can be used as handcuffs during bondage
    Submitted by: rooshe

  • hello joe
    Submitted by:

  • he must of been loking for it along time he wanted rachle to do it
    Submitted by:

    Submitted by:

  • did you no that ricky had a wank over his mum
    Submitted by:

  • right thats it im going going to chop your balls off oh!! i forgot you haven't got any balls and stop pinching my leg you gay boy
    Submitted by: ylur mum

  • so she must take after your dad and nan
    Submitted by: bob

  • so she must take after your dad and nan
    Submitted by: bob

    Submitted by: the truth

  • shut up harvey you stupid invisible rabbit
    Submitted by: his mate

  • priory is best
    Submitted by: ull neva no

  • You put holes in a dead persons eye and slip it through and close it so thier eyes stay closed.
    Submitted by: Ojo Hippo

  • Melting down and reforming the newly melted plastic into a useful long piece of plastic that can somehow be fastened to itself to make a loop that could be used to hold( or indeed tie) two (or more than two) cables together. I call this invention ZIPTIE
    Submitted by: Spangler Ziptie

  • Poke one up your ringer, when you are watching a sad film with the little woman. You can tell her that its the cabletie thats making your eyes water
    Submitted by: Mr Boombastic









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